Audrianna Cole

Album: Lovely (2010)

Song: Shrug it Off

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Even though she just turned 18 years old, HighJAC Indie Pop artist Audrianna Cole is one of those proverbial "Old Souls" you hear about. She's lived a lot of years for not even being 20 yet - she's faced life's trials and drama with courage and poise, and come out the other end with a worldview and a voice so rich and womanly, it'll touch your heart and send shivers across your skin at the same time.

Audrianna was practically born singing, as the old cliché goes - her first musical inspirations were the typical childhood 'heroes' like Backstreet Boys and Britney, but as she grew older and her voice grew bigger, her musical tastes evolved to include rock and blues influences like Johnny Cash and Lightnin' Hopkins.

Growing up in the picturesque and musically-rich Pacific Northwest, Audrianna sang in school choir and played Simba in the musical "The Lion King," and that was pretty much her life until fate stepped in and dramatically altered the course of her life.

Audrianna accompanied her military father to his civilian part-time job on a Saturday four years ago, and as they were stopped in traffic, an 18-wheeled Semi slammed into them at freeway speeds. She had minor injuries; her father wasn't so fortunate.

"My Dad was hurt and bleeding, and it was so traumatizing wondering if he was going to be all right," she says.

Her father's injuries were so severe that he was discharged from the military and spent a long time recovering at home. Audrianna decided to leave public school to be home-schooled, so she could care for her father while her Mom fulfilled her active military duties. In between her father's recuperation, her homeschooling and learning guitar, the pair started recording karaoke tracks and putting them up on a MySpace page. Her dad sent out thousands of messages and friend invites to promote his daughter's growing talent - one of those new 'friends' turned out to be Florida-based talent manager Kelly Newton with Jack N Jill Management.

It was a chance meeting of burgeoning artist and powerhouse manager, but it was a combination that was inspired and meant for greatness right from the beginning. Kelly arranged for Audrianna to go to Nashville and the rest is history. Audrianna has recently written with some of music's most accomplished songwriters and producers including: Stefan Skarbek (Amy Winehouse), Sasha Skarbek (Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Duffy, Adele, Paul McCartney, Joss Stone), Dave Tozer (John Legend, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Natasha Bedingfield), KNS (Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Britney, Backstreet Boys), Marty Dodson (Kenny Chesney, Billy Currington), Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift) and Jennifer Hanson (The Wreckers).

With all that stellar talent she's worked with, Audrianna endured a fair amount of nurturing and guiding, to be sure, but more importantly, she blossomed like a hundred acres of Morning Glory vines opening up to soak up the musical sunlight. She discovered her true sound and voice as an artist. She's no longer that 14 year old girl recording cover songs in her kitchen but has grown into a creative musical force as a songwriter, singer and performer.

Her voice and her sound are a stunning mix of happy-go-lucky love songs filled with fun adventure and poignant universal themes its quirky and identifiable and simple but very deep, all at once. Her surprising, womanly vocals are on par with Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse but come from a genuine newly-discovered teenage chick musician who might stand five feet tall on a good day. Audrianna has that IT quality that record labels and fans instantly recognize - a perfect blend of talent, charisma and staying power.

Currently at work recording her debut album, Audrianna's output so far is a handful of nearly finished master recordings, and if they are any indication of what's to come from the first album or her tenth, it's going to be a long and lovely career path this girl with an Old School sound and New School style blesses us with.

It's funny how life works out, she says, that if her family hadn't gone through their traumatic and trying time, that she would have never ultimately seen herself fulfilling her life's meaning - to create, and sing, and share. There's magic in music, and in those musical 'goose bump moments,' and in life, she says.

"The magic of music, for me, means the feeling of amazement. The feeling of connection to someone else, and that's ideally what I want out of all this - for someone to turn to me for some sort of shoulder, or friend, when they need one in life. I wanna be a goose-bump artist."